The secret to living an adventurous life: Mini adventure 02

As I ran down a lonely stretch of road on the outskirts of the dusty Outback town of Coober Pedy one question pervaded my thoughts

Is this safe?

Lately, I find myself asking this question quite a lot. However, I usually smack bang in the middle of my adventure when I ask this question. At which point it is too late to turn back and there is little option but to keep going.

The more adventures I embark on the less fear I feel in the world around me. To date, each adventure I have embarked on has proved to be safe although I do feel fear when I begin. Running along a lonely stretch of road in the Outback does render me somewhat vulnerable. The fear I feel shapes my mind’s eye. In the distance, I am convinced I see a person moving in a weird manner by the side of the road. This fills me with apprehension and suspicion. However, it materializes to be nothing. My mind is a powerful shapeshifter and can conjure imaginative mirages at will.

The monotonous flatness is broken by the dugout which seems to rises out of the ground and stopped me in my tracks as my curiosity was awakened.

Today’s mini-adventure found me running along the sixteen-mile road in Coober Pedy which is a long flat monotonous stretch of road thick with dust. The monotony is broken by Crocodile Harry’s Underground Nest and Dugout which rises majestically out of the ground. The entrance to the dugout looms overhead and sculptural art is fastened to every square inch evoking my curiosity of each and every visitor.

It is easy to see why the dugout has been used as a set in movies such as Pitch Black and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

A truly eccentric cave dwelling that is bizarre even by Coober Pedy standards. It really does defy words. Such a remarkable dwelling has an intriguing history to match.

The dugout was home to Captain Harry, a titular captain who was actually a crocodile hunter during his life before settling down in Coober Pedy. Harry was quite prolific in the town of Coober Pedy. Not only for his bizarre home but also for his love of women which is probably why in a section of his home remains a bra shrine of sorts. Unfortunately, he died in 2006, and it came to light that he was, in fact, a Latvian baron who had been in hiding since World War II.

After taking pictures of every unique aspect of the dugout it was time to run back to town.

The wind had picked up which meant dust was airborne and swirling at a ferocious rate. In addition to this, the road was also a little busier with passing vehicles kicking up thick plumes of dust. Most of which hit me right in the face. By the time I reached town my nose was running profusely, I was sputtering and I could feel dust deep in my lungs. Adventuring sure is not glamorous.

Despite the harsh conditions one of my favorite things about my running adventures is the time it allows for my thoughts to percolate, unknot themselves and form an opinion. My mind cast back to a conversation I had with my Sri Lankan friend about my adventuring. She asked me

Are you not afraid?
You do not know what kind of people are out there.

I thought for a moment and replied

I am afraid that I do not let it deter me

I could be unlucky. That is true. Going on my adventures I have learned that when I have been vulnerable it usually evokes goodness in people and they offer help. My conversation with my friend summarizes the two otlooks in life. I can hold onto fear and let it stop me from doing the things I want to do. Or I can loosen my grip on fear and still do what I wish to do.

I am compelled to go on adventures and venture into the unknown as it heightens my senses and makes me feel truly alive. Although the way I choose to live may seem bizarre to some especially those who value security and safety above everything else.

It enables me to have a more positive outlook on the world, trust people, feel inspired and be a better human.

What do you think of these mini-adventures? If you have the time, I’d love to read your comments below

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